Thin Crust, Artesano Crust, Deep Dish Crust


Red, White, Pesto, Barbecue, Chipotle, Italian, Asian


Meats:    Salami, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Bacon, Ham, Chorizo, Canadian bacon, Grilled chicken

Veggies:  Mushroom, Pineapple, Red pepper, Green pepper, Jalapeño, Tomato, Green onion, Sweet onion,  Red onion, Black olives, Artichoke hearts, Spinach, Garlic, Coconut, Banana pepper, Slow roasted tomato



Deep Dish

Crusts are available,

Artesano crust is our default crust

Meat Combination

s 15.22          m 20.36          l 25.34          xl 30.97


Tomato sauce, Salami, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Ham, Bacon


Garden Veggie


Chicken n' Garlic

Italian Vegetarian

s 14.20          m 19.26          l 24.48          xl 29.78


Tomato sauce, Mushroom, Green pepper, Red pepper, Tomato, Onion, Green onion, Black olives

Hawaiian Combination

s 14.47          m 18.61         l 23.96          xl 29.07


Tomato sauce, Ham, Premium Gold Pineapple, Red pepper, Bacon

New York Cheese

s 9.97          m 15.99          l 19.99          xl 23.87


Tomato sauce, Cheese

Pesto Romana



s 14.26          m 18.95          l 24.34         xl 29.97


White sauce, Grilled chicken, Garlic, Tomato, Green onion

Italian-American Classic

s 11.96          m 15.68          l 20.55          xl 25.07


Tomato sauce, Pepperoni


Make Your Own

Classic Hawaiian

Chicken Barbecue

s 13.89          m 18.60          l 23.94          xl 29.18


Barbecue sauce blend, Lite pepperoni, Grilled chicken, Sweet onion


s 15.22          m 20.27          l 25.79          xl 31.17


White Sauce, Artichoke hearts, Grilled Chicken, Red Onion, Bacon, Sundried Tomato, & Spices!


Italiana Combinazione

Be your own chef!


American Old West

s 13.81          m 18.45          l 23.68          xl 28.76


White sauce, Sausage, Mushroom, Garlic, Onion

All Meat

South of the Border

Italian Chicken Combination

s 15.12          m 20.25          l 25.48          xl 30.81


Italian garlic sauce,  Grilled chicken, Mushroom, Green pepper, Tomato, Onion, Green onion, Black Olives


Italiana Tradizionale

s 16.25          m 21.78          l 25.97          xl 31.90


Pesto Blend Sauce, Three cheese, Grilled chicken, Mushroom, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Green onion


s 15.03         m 19.98          l 25.72          xl 31.12


Tomato sauce, Red pepper, Onion, Jalapeño, Green onion, Mexican sausage (chorizo), Topped with fresh cilantro

Chicken Supreme


s 13.17          m 16.37          l 25.84          xl 31.018


Tomato sauce, Ham, Premium Gold Pineapple



s 14.15          m 19.83          l 25.68          xl 30.17


Spicy Chipotle Sauce, Pollo azado (grilled chicken), Bacon, Chorizo, Onion, Fresh green onion

Italian Tuscan Villa Combination

s 16.62          m 21.75          l 27.62          xl 32.07


Tomato sauce, Salami, Ham, Mushroom, Banana pepper, Slow Roasted Tomato, Red onion, Olives, Spices

Eat amazing!

American BBQ

Mexicana Chorizo


Italian Vegetarian Gourmet

s 15.24          m 20.68          l 26.42          xl 32.96


Pesto sauce blend, Spinach, Artichoke hearts, Mushroom, Tomato, Black olives, Spices

Pacific Islands

s 15.17          m 20.55          l 25.62          xl 30.58


Smoked Asian Sauce blend, Canadian bacon, Premium Gold Pineapple, Red onion, Bacon, Real Coconut


Italian Pizza

Italian Chicken Tradizionale

s 15.22          m 20.65          l 26.59          xl 31.69


White sauce, Mushroom, Grilled Chicken, Garlic, Spinach, Onion, Green onion, Black olives

Di Portofino


Shrimp Scampi

s 15.28          m 20.17          l 25.84          xl 31.18


White sauce, Shrimp, Garlic, Red pepper, Green pepper, Tomato, Green onion, Toasty Bacon & Topped with fresh cilantro

Pizza Latina

Tour of Italy


Italian  Combination

s 15.43          m 20.74          l 25.34          xl 30.77


Tomato sauce, Salami, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Mushroom, Green pepper, Tomato, Onion, Black olives